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Teves Clan of Negros Oriental

A FAMILY TRADITION : By : Sir Penn Tulabing.Larena,CPS, CPE MPA
family Historian

Vicente Anunsacion Teves a sailor trader and a traveler. Ventured in cultivation of sugarcane in 1852, married a Dumagueteña lady Rufina Villamil who bore him 14 children. Moving to Bais , he established Haciendas and became the first producer of muscovado sugar in 1867. Sweet family tradition continues to harvest a good service to the society and community (Philippine tatler May 08 issue p68 ).

Don Anatalio Teves the first son of the Teves couple is the builder of Bais, he build most of the roads, train rails, light material wharf and established the Political family of the Negros Oriental, the “Villanueva Clan”. A graduate of Humanities from the Universidad de Salamanca in Spain later married to Dumaguteña Dona Aleja M. Pinili. They had three children, Anselma married to Hermenegildo Regis Villanueva Sr. produced Governors, Mayors, Congressman of the Province and a Senator. Enrique Cayetano(Mayor of Bais 1914-1916), Governor 19-16-1925 and Congressman 1925-1931.Lolo Eking got married to Francisca Gomez Baena first Miss Negros Oriental Carnival Queen 1909. Hermenegildo Jr. fondly called “Bindoy” a famous Senator, Governor 1906-1910 elected again 1931-1935, Secretary of Labor and Presidential Adviser for Labor Matters during the Quezon Administration, other children Leonard a member of the Local Sugar Planters Association, Eligio a Political leader, Vicente the deputy Governor of Siquijor, Isidro a judge and a writer, Juan the grandfather of the former City Mayor Hector “Tata” Villanueva and incumbent City Mayor Karen F. Villanueva. The Damas in the family Maria, Ramona (Mrs Judge Zarcaris Alo), Filomina (married to Bais Mayor Juan Villacampa) and Josefa married to Simplicio Villegas Guihulngan’s first Town Mayor and established a Political family of Northern Negros (Teves Genealogy 1970 p1 by Rosario T. Moras and Bais Historian Penn T. Larena Narration in 2007)

After the death of the young Anselma, Tan Bindo married his sister in law Eulogia Pinili Teves has three children all in the local Political arena Praxedes Daniel (Governor 1946-1951, Mayor of Bais and established the Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital. Praxedes grandchildren making wave in business and Politics like Francisco “Boy Villanueva (City Mayor of Bais 1992-1998 Vice Mayor 2001-2004), Ma Theresa Villanueva-Yoldi of Ana Maria Bakeshoppe and Edna Villanueva-Diago the owner of Cebuana Lhuiller group of Companies married to former Philippine Ambassador to Italy Hon Philippe Jones Lhuiller. Gulliermo Zozimo the second son married to American Meztizo Ma Lourdes Atherton, educated in Silliman University and University of Michigan for his masters. He became a Councilor of Bais, Governor (1941-1994) and Congressman (1938-1941) two of his grandson Rodolfo Gonzales Jr. and the present Town Mayor Enrique Gonzales of the Town of Valencia, continue a legacy of honest and Christ-centered leadership Dolores the youngest daughter, married to the handsome Sugar Planter Antonio Gomez-Baena, Dione Baena who also served as City Councilor of Bais and Delia married to Luciano Larena Alviola.

Pedro Pinili Teves only brother of Anselma and Eulogia is married to Carmen Alcon most of his descendants are in Tanjay and Bais one of those is the family of Carmen Baena Teves married to Dodong Larena (Bais Vice Mayor of the 1930’s and Mayor 1945-1949). Another descendant is the owner of the Teves Liner travel as a regular passage bus for Dumaguete to Bais vice-versa.

Don Eulalio Teves married a Spanish haciendera Tomasa Trebol y Gila children Enriqueta married to a Spanish sailor Don Manuel Abilla form Avila Spain, has two children Emilio and Joaquin, Emilio the first town Mayor of Bais married to Southern beauty Pilar Lajato of Siaton from a Spanish and Irish Ancestry, both produced two Governors and Congressman of the Province namely Julian(1935-1941) the grandfather of former Board Member and Vice Governor Mariant Escano-Villegas Serafin(1956-1959) grandfather of Bais former Vice Mayor 2005-1007) Angelo Miguel D. Teves and Visual Artist Serafin “Nito” Teves. Manuel and Agueda Longa Teves is one of the biggest sugar planter in Negros Island, fifty grandchildren making sure a strong family tradition rules in close-knit among family members, City Mayor of Dumaguete Manuel Chiquiting Sagarbarria married to a very hermosa lady Isabel Garcia Longa , Chinning Sagarbarria-Bustamante expanded her mother’s bakeshops, “Sans Rival” established since 1977, the late Manolet and sister Pchina is very active in Tourism Development and Cultural Projects in the City of Dumaguete.

Joaquin the brother of Emilio married to Benita Reyes from Kabankalan, their father Don Manuel Abilla died in 1890, second married to the sister of Enriqueta, Leona Teves children named carried the surname “Teves”. Manuel had another son name Manuel Abella y Regulo who left for Spain and who died as a soldier during the Cuban Revolution., Tanjay former Mayors like Ricardo Teves, Ibarra Teves and the present leaders led by City Mayor Boy Lawrence Solis Teves and City Vice Mayor Niel Salma are all the product of a traditional good leadership from this clan .

Don Ariston Teves third son is married to Praxides Macias that dominated the Political scene of the third district of Negros Oriental. The grandchildren making waves in the Philippine Politics lead by long time Senator Lorenzo G. Teves ( 1952-1972) Governor ( 1982 -1986 ) Congressman 1946-1949 and the father of Dumaguete as a chartered city in 1948. Herminio Guivelondo Teves OIC Governor of Negros Oriental and his congressional seat for several terms. His grandson Rep. Pryde Henry Teves the representative of the Third District of Negros Oriental, Danilo Teves Leon City Councilor of Dumaguete, Arnie Teves as ABC President of the Province has kept the tradition. Hon. Margarito “Gary” Teves, former Congressman, Landbank President and Finance Secretary of the Philippines and the Locsin Family who is known for its civic affairs, Hoteliers and Medical Profession. Most of them are direct descendants of the famous Gobernadorcillo of Dumaguete Don Doreteo Teves and Lorenza Pinili.

Don German Teves married to Taribia Bilbao is a famous Politics leader and Gobernadorcillo of Tanjay, Escolastica the eldest daughter married to famous doctor Geronimio Villegas the The Bobon, Villegas, Belloso, Zerna, Diaz, Barot and Pastrano are her descendants, Gertrudes the youngest daughter married to Dan Bruno Gomez Vicente (present descendant Moras Vicente and Bouffard). Rosario Vicente Moras daughter of Gertrudes was the on who made the family tree of the whole Teves clan in 1970s. This line governed the Mayor ship of Tanjay like Joaquin Villegas and Atilano Villegas.

Fifth son Don Qurico Teves produced the first Charter City Mayor of Dumaguete Diogracias Teves Pinili (1946-1953) the son of Pilar Teves and Kristino Katada Pinili, Don Francisco Teves sixth son is a famous Rice and Corn trader in Dumaguete, Bais and Valencia.

Doña. Eugenia Teves married to Spanish Sugar Planter Don Manuel Pastor before the turn of the 20th century. There were two first cousin, Joaquin and Fausto Preysler descendants of Carmen Teves Pastor and Don Benito Perez de Tagle a famous Tabacalera businessman. They ventured from Spain to the Philippines where they fell in love and married two cousins, Vicenta Gonzales and Carmen Perez de Tagle . Carlos P. Preysler married to Betty Arrastia, one of his daughters is one of the most glamorous women in the world. Isabel Preysler, her two sons is very popular in the world of Music Scene Icon Enrique Iglesias and brother dancing with the stars Julio Iglesias Jr. while youngest sister Ana Felco is one of the most popular fashion designer in the world.

Doña Alejandria the eight daughter is a soltera and the grand dame of Dumaguete during her time, Doña Liberta Teves the ninth daughter married to Spanish military officer and Educator Sr. Enrique Munoz. Jose Teves Munoz eldest son of liberta , got married to Josefa Calumpang . Don Jose Teves Muñoz, Sr. (fondly called Kapitan Jose) was a Gobernadorcillo and later on was the first Town Mayor (1901-1905) of Tanjay. Josefa Munoz married to a Spanish Trader Francisco Romero with three children, Francisco Jr, Jose a famous Philippine Senator Secretary of Education Ambassador and Carmen. After the Christmas Eve in Tanjay stampede ensued and young to be without maternal care, remarried to the sister Candellaria. They have children with Papa Cho-Chon, realizing that his children were too young to be with Papa Cho-Chon, the beautiful Adela (Mrs. Raymundo Villanueva) Hector “Chito” Villanueva one of the sons served the National Government as Press Secretary and at present Post Masters General of Philippine Postal Corporation Ramon, Pantaleon (married to Diana Villanueva from Bais) Remedios who died young and Luis, married to Rosita Villacampa-Robillos is the father of the former Congressman Miguel Romero and grand son former Negros Oriental SK President Juan Miguel Romero III.

Doña. Juliana Teves is the Chinese Branch of the Teves Clan. Petrona Teves most of her descendents are now in Manila,Spain and in the United States. West Point Graduated and former Vice Mayor of Dumaguete Atty .Alan Gel Cordova is a descendant of this bloodline.

Doña. Estefania Teves married to Dr. Jose Pastor most of her grandchildren serving the Charitable Institution, St. Paul University, The Ramon Catholic Church, the people of barrio Sra. Acion in San Jose, Religious Activities in the City and Subdivision Developer of the City of Dumaguete. Aurora Pastor the third daughter married to Don Mariano Larena a famous Sugar planter and businessman of Dumaguete and Bais, Half of the property of St.Paul University was donated by their family thru Angelina Larena. Ramon the only son became a Councilor and Mayor of Dumaguete (1912-1916) married to Spanish Mestiza Maria Ascusion Patero of San Jose the sister of Duamguete Mayor Miguel Patero. The Regional Science High School is named after him and one of the Historical Landmark of the City Pastor Whitehouse along Real St. (now Ramon Teves Pastor St.) in Dumaguete.

Doña Fausta Teves the second wife of Jose Pastor bored with three children Jose(married to Emiliana Pinili ) Mayor of Dumaguete (1925-1931) Severino “Laloy” Pastor a Civil World War II Hero the father in law of former Governor and incumbent Congressman Hon. George P Arnaiz married to Nanette Pastor. Arlene Pastor the first cousin of Nanette based in Virginia U.S.A. a former employee of World Bank. She is making updates of our Teves Genealogy and Family history.

Carmen the second child married to an eye doctor, Dr. Enrique Llanderal, the son Ramon is one of the Administrative Officer of Bais Sugar Central CAB later on he married to a distance cousin Ma. Lourdes. Teves of the Canlargo Tevesses. Enriquito(married to Mitos Bengoechea) Menchu married to Spanish handsome guy Bilbao Spain and the late Josefina known for her star of the ball parties.

The Teves Clan of Negros Oriental has been known as one of the largest clans in existence in the province today. One of the most celebrated political ,society and pilar of the Sugar Industry of Oriental Negros.


  1. Does any know if Ariston Teves had a son named Gabino Teves who married Evarista Tamayo?

  2. di ko ma identify ang name ng tatay ng lolo ko but we're very sure that we belong to the same root. nung buhay pa kase ang tatay ko nagpunta na sila ng mga kuya ko sa dumaguete and already met gary teves and miniong teves. there they've discussed the roots where we belong but then syempre di ko alam un kase di ako kasama that time e. all i know is that my father's name is SANTIAGO F. TEVES last of the 4 childrens of CIPRIANO OR CEFERINO TEVES and VALENTINA FERRERA.

  3. has everyone know Manuel P. Teves...
    im looking for my missing relatives
    and (Inday Teves, from cebu)

    1. Are you sure that you are not seeking Manuel L. Teves? Do you know about what age he may be now? Manuel L. Teves is the son of Mariano Teves.

    2. What is the middle initial "P"?

  4. Hi,

    Ariston Teves was mentioned by my father Francisco "Paquito" Teves, as his great-grandfather. One of Ariston's sons if I remember right what my father told me was Antonio who married a Tenorio. One of his brothers was Doroteo. Among Antonio's sons were Mariano, my grandfather, and Victor, the father of the late Jo Pro Teves. Please correct me if I am wrong. I want to complete the gap in the family tree.

  5. Hi All,

    my granfather named herman garcia teves...from tanjay

  6. Franco Teves and janine teves pls see my familytree of my Mariano Pinili line tnx

  7. Hi Rafael Enrique,

    I have seen the Pinili Family Tree. It's great. I hope to meet more relatives in Dumaguete during the Silliman University Founders' Day celebration. Hasta luego!

  8. I was in Spain from 1999 to 2000 and found that most of the Teveses are in Portugal. My friends at the Universidad de Leon was telling me that Isabel Preysler came from the Philippines. I did not realize then that Isabel is also a descendant of our ancestor Vicente Anunciacion Teves. By the way, I recently visited the Bahay Negrense in Silay City and saw in the family tree of the Gastons the name Maria Teves. Rafael, do you know some details on this?


  10. Rafael, I have visited the blogspot you mentioned. It was very informative but I hope the gaps in the family tree can be resolved in the near future. Do you have some information regarding the parents of the late Victor Teves, whose son was the former Mayor Jo Pro Teves? I could not find the entry in the family tree.

  11. From the existing records, the following were the children of Ariston Teves: 1. Maria Teves, 2. Pisay Teves, 3. Gregorio Teves, 4. Juancho Teves, 5. Pedro Teves, 6. Doroteo Teves, 7. Simplicia Teves, and 8. Vicente Teves.
    I hope anyone from the clan can verify if these were all, or if there were other children of Ariston. Also, there is very little information on some of Ariston's children. There is really a need to work on the gaps.

  12. Hi to all,

    I have just visited Dumaguete and learned that my great-grandfather's name is not Antonio but Manuel Macias Teves, brother of Doroteo Macias Teves, same line as Ariston Pinili Teves. Manuel's 5 children were Mariano (my grandfather), Victor (father of former Dumaguet Mayor Jo Pro Teves), Felix, Francisco and Faustina.

    1. Hi Franco, I am the grand daughter of Felix Teves, husband of Natividad Teves based in Ormoc Leyte. I'm not so sure if we are talking about the same Felix, but I have been looking for them for a long time now.

  13. hi franco,

    i am fr. ray victor teves pascual, i'm the great grandson of victor tenorio relatives also are building our branch...can you furnish at least some of the details about your grandfather, married to? how many children? where are they now? thank you so much...i'm assigned here at mary immaculate parish, dumaguete city. most of the family members are here in dumaguete. Lolo victor was married to saturnina pinero. they have 5 children: Joe Pro, Manoling, Benjamin, Puring & Celia. the three brothers are already deceased. Lola Puring and Lola Celia are still alive and are living here in dumaguete. hope to hear from you

  14. In our Fiel Clan data base, there are many Fiel – Teves / Teves – Fiel that need to be documented.

    Augustine Lucero Fiel, the son of the Fr. Felizardo Fiel, OP to Generosa Lucero, had the reputation in the entire Fiel history in the Philippines to be the greatest Fiel philanderer. He had seven wives under his belt. His fourth wife had the surname Teves.

    1. Augustine Teves Fiel
    2. Pascual Teves Fiel
    3. Eustaquio Teves Fiel
    4. Agueda Teves Fiel

    Another family line is found, however, in Ozamis. These are the names of the four Teves-Fiel siblings:
    1. Teodoro Teves Fiel
    2. Julita Teves Fiel
    3. Sancho Teves Fiel
    4. Honorata Teves Fiel

    Also, in the Sauza Clan, a certain Doňa Veneranda “Andang” Fiel Sauza was married to Don Serafino Teves of Dumaguete City, Negros. Their children are the following:
    1. Fr. Vicente Sauza Teves
    2. Don Estefanio Sauza Teves who married Doña Hedilgarda Romero of Dumaguete City, Negros Occidental, Philippines

    Other Fiel Teves include:
    1. Ysabel Romero Teves married Roman Ebol of Zamboanga, Philippines
    2. Matutina “Mating” Romero Teves married Filemon Estrada of Isabela, Basilan, Philippines
    3. Anselmo “Simong” Romero Teves married Venancia Ledesma or Asyang Kabankalan, Negros Occidental, Philippines
    4. Liberata “Atang” Romero Teves married Pedro Jalosjos or Pidong of Dapitan, Zamboanga, Philippines
    5. Benigno “Nonong” Romero Teves married Ana Bugarin
    6. Eustaquio “Tikyo” Romero Teves married Estela Torres of Isabela, Basilan, Philippines.

    If you are a descendant of the following, please leave your comments below or contact Felmar Castrodes Fiel in this email:

  15. Hello Ray,

    I have not visited this site for at least three months now. I guess I got too busy after Sendong which struck Iligan hard, where my family now resides. It's really good to have some relatives responding to queries. Last year, i was able to visit Tita Puring Tubo. I wanted to visit more relatives but my time was limited. My grandfather's name is Mariano, brother of Lolo Victor. His first wife (my grandmother) was Julia Co Encarnacion from Escalante. They had two children: Pacita, who married Peping Flordeliza, and whose children still live in Taclobo; Francisco "Paquito", my father, who married Geronima Gaite of iligan. It's only my mother who is still with us since my dad passed away in 1986. There are 13 of us siblings: Arthur (deceased), the eldest, married to Elvira Pabelonio of Balingasag, Mis. Or., their children are in Cagayan de Oro; Vismindo, second eldest, married to Remedios Oraiz of Kauswagan, Lanao del Norte, their children are mostly in Kauswagan; Ingrid, married to Rene Wilkom Carinan of Naawan, Mis. Or., the children are in Canada, Cagayan de Oro, and Iligan; Mitzi, married to Donald Cabatic of Tubod-Baroy, Lanao del Norte, their children are in Dubai, Cagayan de Oro, and Iligan; Theresa, married to Jessie Gonzales of Cebu, their children are in Davao, Cebu, and Manila; Evelyn (now residing in L.A., California), married to Moel Calingasan, their only child is in Cagayan de Oro; Michael (single), stays with my mom; Franco (that's me), married to Brenda Serate of Iligan, son studies at Silliman, daughter in Iligan; Marijo (now in L.A., California), married to Art Bangcola Pasandalan of Lanao del Sur, children in CDO; Benje, married to Rizalia Yntig of Cebu, children in Iligan; Noli Mariano, married to Marissa Banaag of Batangas, only child in Iligan; Francisco Junior, married to Marigold of Iligan, family now resides in London; Joy Antoniette, youngest (single) stays with my mom. This is quite long. This is all for now.

  16. I am a descendant of Carmen Pastor and Dr. Enrique Llanderal, grand-daughter of Luis Enrique Llanderal and daughter of Maria Luisa Cox-Llanderal. This Article is wonderful as I have been searching for this line and believed it to be impossible as the research is from the U.S.A. I would love to get in touch with my grandfather's brother's family - Tito Ramon and also exchange information. Carmen and Enrique had 3 daughters all solteronas, 1 a nun with the Dominican Sisters in Bulacan she has passed away too. The other brother Tito Jesusing or Uncle Jess known to us here in the States also passed away in North Carolina. The other sister who was a professor in UST Tita Socorro (Nunay) and the other Tita Nena. My mother Maria Luisa or Marilou as she has always been called lives in Florida and I am trying to do this family tree for her. Any help anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated. I may be contacted at or via email on facebook at Thank you.

  17. Hi again to all Teveses in Dumaguete,

    Does anyone know who the descendants of Pedro Macias Teves (brother of Doroteo Macias Teves)are? He was married to Maria Pastor.Please email me at Thank you very much.FRANCO

    1. Hi Franco,
      I taught Teves, Manuel Macias (b.about 1860) is the son of Teves, Ariston Villamil (b.about 1821);
      I taught Teves, Manuel Macias is married to a Tenorio;
      while his elder brother Teves, Pedro Macias (b.about 1856) is the one married to Pastor, Maria;

      Teves Ariston Villamil is the son of Teves, Vicente Anunsacion (b. about 1785);
      Teves, Ariston Villamil is married to Macias, Praxides;

      Teves, Vicente Anunsacion is married to Villamil, Rufina (b. about 1800);

  18. Hi! My name is Nancy Gail Teves, daughter of the late Joseph Balsamo Teves (eldest of the 2 sons of Josefa Balsamo and Leoncio Teves) and married to Gloria Bailey Teves. Can you please tell me if you know someone here that can point me to my family's relatives there?

  19. Hello, wanna know if someone you here known some Teves family in Capiz, paricularly in DAO. Thanks.

  20. Both my father and mother are from Bio-os, Amlan, Negros Oriental. We currently live in Iligan City. My paternal great-grandmother is Rosela Teves, who married Ladislao Alcantara. Can anyone point out to whom my great-grandma is directly related to? Thanks!

  21. Hello I am not a relative but maybe you can help me locate the family of my mother Vicenta dela Cerna who was from Bais. After taken by an aunt in the 50s she has not been in touch with her family. I wish to meet relatives.

  22. Hello I am not a relative but maybe you can help me locate the family of my mother Vicenta dela Cerna who was from Bais. After taken by an aunt in the 50s she has not been in touch with her family. I wish to meet relatives.

  23. Hello I am not a relative but maybe u can help me locate the family of my grandmother Elsa Teves who was from bais. Her grandfather's name is Sebero Ramutica Teves and his brother is Ramon Ramutica teves ,Lorenzo Ramutica Teves ,Melisyo Ramutica teves and his sister name is Romana Ramutica Teves. Ang lola ko ay anak sa anak na lalaki ni Sebero Ramutica teves. Namatay ang lolo sa lola ko nang hindi na nakita ang mga kapatid nya at yung mga relatives sa bais.i wish to meet my relatives from bais.

  24. Hi

    Saan ko po makikita ung ibang family tree ng teves ? Gusto ko kasi malaman ung related pa ba ako sa kanila..

  25. Hi. I'm Raul Teves the son of Manuel Teves and Antonia Teves. 5 siblings, Raul teves. Panchito teves. Rene teves. Magda teves. Mariton teves.

  26. Hello, I'm Miriam Tanamor Padua, only daughter of Iluminado Teves Tanamor (from Josefa Teves-daughter of Agustina Teves
    My roots: Agustina Teves and Mariano Vilas whose daughter was Josefa Teves (Dumaguete, Negros Oriental.)

    Hope to at least be recognized to have a blood of teves...

  27. How about the Teves family from Bacong?

  28. There are Teves in Iloilo and Bacolod, where I'm from. Can someone care to provide any history from there? I know I'm related to Dona Alejanria and Juliana.

  29. Hi, this was a great article. I never realised I was from the Teves line of Don German. I've always identified with the Villegas clan. A big 'Hi' to all my relatives I don't know!